Personal Trading Coaches

No matter your account type or your level of experience, all RWMarkets traders are paired with a Personal Trading Coach to help guide them through the online trading process and tailor a unique and successful trading strategy.

RWMarkets believes that every trader can be successful. All it takes is the right combination of expert training and support, which is why we offer personalised training for every single one of our traders, completely free of charge.

Your Personal Trading Coach will be there for you to consult for as long as you remain an RWMarkets trader. Come to us with any and all of your questions about trading and we’ll be there every step of the way to help you develop the best trading strategy to meet your needs and drive you to success.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our traders have to say about us:

“I’m big on technical analysis, especially since I’m more of a numbers and visuals kind of guy. RWMarkets’ customer support really impressed me. My Personal Trading Coach, Melanie McDowell, explained all the questions I had about chart patterns like the Head-and-Shoulders pattern and theories like the Elliot Wave really clearly and I learned how to use them to increase my profits really fast.”

 – Edward Dickens

“I’ve tried trading online before, but I never felt like the broker was on my side until I registered with RWMarkets. I was immediately set up with Marc Smithe, my Personal Trading Coach, who made a real effort to get to know me. Marc walked me through all the details and discussed risk and money management with me to come up with a strong trading strategy that really works. Thanks so much!” 

– Melinda White

“When I joined RWMarkets, Gold was just starting to soar and hit numerous historic highs. I was really interested in what causes commodity prices, and Gold’s in particular, to rise so fast. I asked my Personal Trading Coach, Ben Schlosser, and he introduced me to fundamental analysis. We analysed how politics and economic issues worldwide affect prices and market volatility. Because of Ben’s attentive training, I’ve been able to use the news to help me profit consistently. And I know he’ll be there if I have any other questions about trading.”

– Eric Cooke